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In Memory of Sean Lugano

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Sean Thomas Lugano was born at NYU Medical Center Hospital on May 24, 1973. He was reported missing on September 11, 2001 from World Trade Center 2. He was 28 years old. Sean was a stockbroker with KBW.

He was successful at his job – Sean was successful at all things he tried, and he tried everything. He was a man of great challenge and adventure. He ran the New York City Marathon, jumped from a plane, and was an avid snowboarder. Sean's athletic ability was exceptional.

He played football, soccer, and rugby. His rugby career started at Xavier High School, then moved to Loyola College in Maryland, on to the present where he was a vital force on the team at the New York Athletic Club. He loved this game. On the off season he would play countless hours of rugby on the play-station with his friends and brothers.

Sean was a family man, although he did not get the chance to have his own family. He did love and adore his mother, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends. He loved everything about family. He loved family holidays, parties and never missed the weekly Sunday dinners at his mom's house. Sean held his family very close to his heart. The most charming man you have ever met. Sean could win your heart over in the first five minutes you met him. He had a wonderful sense of humor, an award winning smile, an amazing laugh, and a very generous heart. Sean always made you feel like you were part of his family. He was a sensitive and loyal friend. He listened and cared. Sean always looked out for the little guy, even when the little guy was bigger than him.

Sean's personality was never more visible than when he was out for a good time. Sean was a partner with his brother John and a few friends in two bar/restaurants on the East side – Rathbones and Opal. He also recently bought a bar/restaurant with his brother and a friend, in the Hamptons. The restaurant is called "John Scotts." Sean always enjoyed hanging out with his friends, brothers and sisters at these places. He loved to be the life of the party.

That is exactly what Sean was, the man of the hour, the colossus of fun, and a friend to all. Sean is my brother, and I will miss and love him forever. He is my New York City hero.

Kristen Lugano (New York, NY)          

Our family, along with many other families, has suffered an unimaginable loss. The tremendous amount of love, thoughtful kindness and prayers our family has received has touched us in a way much like Sean's unconditional love, loyalty, friendship and enthusiasm for life has touched all of you. Your love and overwhelming support is truly appreciated and each of you will remain in our hearts. Thank you.

The Lugano Family          

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