Annette Boncek

The Spirit of Angie Houtz

All photos © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

The incentive to create the quilt honoring Angie Houtz came to me from the deep personal loss felt by my adult children who knew her. The attacks of September 11 were a tragedy for many people worldwide. It became personal through a family relationship with Angie.

In this fibre piece I am trying to show the love her family, friends, and co-workers have for her. From my conversations with Andrew, Beverly, and Christian and reading the extensive article in The Washington Post, I tried to capture her spirit. Through a memorial quilt, I wanted the stars and arrows to show what an uplifting person she was. The heart represents her love and the arrows her spirit: how she affected and continues to affect the people in her life. The ONI patch shows her commitment to the important work she did in protecting the United States of America. My husband used a photo transfer process for me to incorporate her picture from the newspaper article along with the drawing indicating the point of the attack at the Pentagon.

The pain of losing a young friend seemed almost unbearable, so I wanted to try to help them heal from their loss. She had a youghful spirit that she gave to everyone: her family, friends, co-workers, and fellow church members with whom she shared her strong faith.

Annette Boncek          

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