Chip Callori

In Memory of Joseph Amatuccio

Photo © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

Sometimes I know exactly what I want to say about my quilt, and other times I am at a total loss for words.

My brother meant the world to me. Like Joseph, I too was a Port Authority employee and worked at the World Trade Center until the end of 1998, when I took early retirement. It took me quite a while to want to pick up a needle and thread again, but when I did, I needed to make some sort of tribute to Joseph to let people know that this wasn't just a tragedy for the country but that individual people paid the ultimate price to save others.

The incredible loss of my brother, coupled with the destruction of the Towers, is something that will never leave my heart and my life. Having worked in the WTC for 25 years made those buildings a part of me. My brother worked his way up from a toll collector to Chief, Operations and Maintenance, World Trade Center, and those buildings were part of his blood. I didn't know anyone who loved his job more and who was loved just as much by the people he worked with.

Chip Callori          

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