Barbara Carnavale

In Memory of Fred V. Morrone

All photos © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

Fred was a dear friend of over 40 years.

Fred was the Director of the Port Authority Police and was at Port Authority headquarters in Jersey City when the attack occurred. He and several other Port Authority Police rushed over to the Twin Towers, where the Port Authority had offices, to help. They entered the South Tower and apparently made it to the 60th floor.

While on the way up, they offered help and encouragement to those coming down. The last words heard from him over the radio were, "the stairs are going."

Fred died when the Tower came down, and his body has never been recovered. He leaves a wife, three children and a sister.

Fred had a distinguished 29-year career with the New Jersey State Police, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

The loss of Fred is very personal to my family. My husband, Mike, was his best man when he married, and we both were godparents to his oldest child, Hutch. Fred was the sponsor for the confirmation of our oldest son, Michael. He was also the godfather for our youngest son, Yale. We will miss him.

Barbara Carnavale          

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