Sharon Kay Decker

September 11, 2001

Photo © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

           This day will stay with us forever,
           A memory we cannot deny.
           Our world as we knew it was shaken,
           No more did life merely go by.

           We now knew and felt what so many
           Lived with daily with no end in sight.
           May the world's people now all join as one
           To find peace and turn darkness into light.

The fabric designed this panel. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I went to the quilt shop. I bought a yard of each of the print fabrics on the front, some background fabric, and the fabric for the backing. That night I sat with a pencil and graph paper and the quilt just "appeared" on the paper.

The wording on the panel reads, "America" and "Let's Roll." The lower wording echoes the words spoken by a passenger as he and others on the flight attempted to overcome the hijackers just before that plane crashed in western Pennsylvania.

The Twin Towers appear on the left. I put them in their own panel, standing tall and above everything else just as they did when they stood in New York City.

On the right, surrounding the date, "9-11-2001," are four "broken" stars. Each star represents one of the 4 planes involved in the tragedies of the day.

The center panel utilizes a piece of fabric printed with the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, and the Twin Towers. New York was "ripped apart" by the tragedy and pulled itself fack together, but not in the same form as it was previously. Just as the city, the piece of fabric was torn apart and pieced back together, altering the pattern and making it unlike what it was in the past. Superimposed over the New York fabric, is America's broken heart.

Sharon Kay Decker          

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