Toni Engle

For Those Who Died

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The only thing that influenced my choice of fabrics was to use ones connected with NYC and D.C. and patriotic themes. I'm not sure how "arty" that is, but that's what happened.

Toni Engle          

For Those Who Survived

So much has been done for those who died, I wanted to remember the ones who lived.

It's a tossup between money and grief essentially. When something is put back just as it was before destruction, at some point it's as if nothing ever happened – and this needs to be remembered for a long time. Too many people are already moving past it and complaining about why we are fighting – it's revolting to me.

The media decided about 3 months later to stop showing the tapes of the planes hitting the towers. Then people began to move on – which everyone has to do – and I noticed after about 6 months they started showing them again. It was necessary to remind the gripers!

That is too prime a real estate area to have nothing there – practicality does enter into it. Most plans I have seen on the news do include a memorial of some kind. The Vietnam Wall was mentioned in this editorial – apparently it was a bizarre idea in the beginning to just have a black wall, but once it was done, it is very striking as a memorial.

Now that most of it is cleared, they can decide and go from there, I guess. Since I'm in Ohio, it isn't really up to me. I do think the families should have a vote in it as far as possible as to the memorial.

Toni Engle          

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