Shula Mustacchi

We Will Never Forget You

Photo © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

My thoughts going into the project

How could I convey the deep feeling of comfort I felt, as I walked around, at the sight of the flag flying everywhere, from houses, windows, bridges, cars, and appearing on hats, scarves, sweaters, pins ... oh those beautiful pins; did we ever imagine we could find so many ways to wear our flag?

I have always been in love with New York City. The skyscrapers are my passion; I appreciate the building materials used, the harmonious shapes, the soaring vertical lines and so many other features; I consider a walk in the city the best show in town. WTC was a special destination with an unparalleled view of the city at sunset.

My collages and tapestries have always included the Manhattan skyline. This quilt was conceived in my mind to recreate the flag and re-affirm that we will never forget you, the people and towers we lost.

It is with affection that I dedicate this quilt to my friend Bob Gass, a survivor of 2 WTC 67th Floor.

Shula Mustacchi           
February, 2002          


We Stand before you in shock, in grief, and in sorrow. We cannot answer the question, O God, why such tragedy should take place. But we can join together as a community to give You our thanks for the lives You saved, and to ask You for Your blessings on those who are in need. Give them strength to endure, and be their refuge in their time of trial.

We pray for those who labor to rescue and recover those who are injured and lost. Send your comfort to all who are in pain and anxiety, Your tender love to all the sorrowing hears among them.

Merciful God, grant perfect rest in Your sheltering presence, to our loved ones who have entered enternity. Let them find refuge forever in Your presence and let their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life. May they rest in peace.

May this land be an influence for good throughout the world, uniting all men in peace and freedom. "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall men learn war any more."


Shula Mustacchi          

Letter From Bob Gass, Survivor

Unspeakable horror


Cannot remember
Cannot forget
Cannot return


The survivors of the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th include the many thousands who fled the Twin Towers, those who had not yet arrived at work that dreadful day, and those who worked in the surrounding buildings, several of which were also destroyed in the heat of the fires and upon being struck by falling debris.

Due to the unique circumstances whereby the drama was captured live on television, many more people can be considered as survivors since, although they were not physically present at the time of the attack, they still experienced the disaster as it occurred. More importantly, although not physically threatened by the attack, they were and are emotionally wounded.

I think first of the spouses and the children. My wife saw my building struck by an airplane, and it seemed to be exactly on the floor where I worked. She had no word from me for over one hour, and in that time could only believe the worst case was true. I can imagine no greater horror than to endure those minutes while watching the flames engulf the building. I believe that struggling to escape the building is easier to deal with than to sit, pace, worry, and cry. I was faced with a problem and looked to find a solution, while Sandy was powerless to do anything but contemplate the future.

If you love New York, if you love the Towers, if you love peace, if your hopes are for a better tomorrow, you are a survivor.

A survivor needs a hug, a smile, a gesture of kindness, and a sense of continuity in the aftermath of turmoil. And yet it seems as if no continuity actually exists, as if the entire world has changed, because it really has.

Why do we embrace the flag at this time? Is it patriotism? Yes. Is it solidarity? Yes. Mostly though we need to be wrapped up in a hug, the feeling of strong and comforting arms around us. So we wrap ourselves in the flag and hope to find protection and support.

Bob Gass          
2 WTC, 67th Floor          

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