Jeanelle Myers

9-10, 9-11, 9-12 and Beyond

9/10           Life is good. It moves along as it always has; bumps in the road, good times and bad, the same old same old, grief and joy, rain and shine.. .

9/11           I go to work looking forward to pruning that great glorious cherry tree this day. I like to prune. And then the thing that will change everything forever happens.

9/12           I know that I cannot live with the same concerns as before. Nothing is the same – total destruction is very possible, and death is truly a moment away. The future, always filled with the unknown, is now filled with even more of the unknown.

Jeanelle Myers          


All photos © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

That great vigorous life and then absolute emptiness of life in the body that happens in a nanosecond is unanswerably awesome. And the overwhelming devastation experienced by those left on the living side gives that nanosecond the greatest power on earth. I think we who now have the power to destroy the entire world may have a greater feeling of impotence about that hair split of time than man in the past. Nevertheless, man has always honored death with totems, keepsakes and memorabilia. Often these items contained something that belonged to the departed or something that was a part of the departed, i.e. relics of saints, or the hair jewelry made during the last part of the nineteenth century. This piece has to do with the spiritual struggle of the ones remaining and the remainders of those gone.

Jeanelle Myers          

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