Allison Rentz

For Survival

All photos © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

1 building

1 plane

1 survivor

1 isolated moment in time

This piece is for the survivors – for those that experienced the initial relief of being alive and are now reeling from the complexities.

This is my second work about September 11th. My first was a drawing of a monster erupting from the subway, the underground vein of the system of life that is my vision of New York City. (I have never been there, and everything I know about New York City is culled from images and descriptions.)

On the bottom of the quilt, the survivor, filled with hope, kisses the ground. The plane explosion's stitching does not quite reach the survivor, demonstrating that she is saved.

The quilt is stark, like a clean sheet of sketchbook paper, and the lines are black. The white covers brightly colored fabric, veiling the elements in the image's atmosphere that are no longer important at this moment. The building's business-like blue pinstripes and the flower-covered green ground are barely visible through the layering of sheer curtain, and fabric-softener sheets cover the curtain on the building.

In my art, fabric-softener sheets serve a variety of purposes that stem from an illusion to the fabricated institutions of American society that unite us as a culture. In this particular piece, the fabric softener sheets represent the fabric of society, or the interactions/rules/governances that make up America. These fabric softener sheets are also the stuffing inside the piece: the figure, the building, and even inside the plane explosion.

I made this quilt so that I could say to the world: I am sorry for everyone who died, and for everyone who lost someone that they loved or cared about, and I am happy for everyone who survived.

Allison Rentz          

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