Kiriko Shirobayashi

Innocent Blood

All photos © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

At the moment when I saw the Twin Towers collapse on TV, I didn't understand the deep meaning beneath it. I just felt sorrowful about victims who were involved in this political conflict.

In all eras, human beings have always had conflicts among different religions, nationalities, ethnicities, etc. Even while affirming freedom and peace, human beings have been committing these offenses.

I have perceived the inconsistencies in all kinds of political campaigns. I just wanted to dedicate my work to the lost innocent lives.

My quilt was designed with two colors. The pink color represents blood, and the white color represents innocence. I particularly chose pink instead of red, because I wanted to make it kitsch to suggest the absurdity of killing people. I also chose white rabbits instead of other animals, because rabbits are vulnerable and neutral symbols. The faceless rabbits represent victims who were not supposed to be killed, who were involved by chance. The rabbits are gathered in the middle in the shape of a heart. The heart shape means love and also heart beats.

Kiriko Shirobayashi          

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