Sandra Sider

Count Them All

The "canvas" is an early 20th-century light brown tied quilt, the "batting" of which is ca. 1/3 inch of wool felt encased by a 19th-century floral cotton fabric quilted by a treadle sewing machine (recycled in the tied quilt). I cut a 3 by 6 foot section from the tied quilt and hand-stitched the edges closed.

I laid the 3 by 6 piece in my driveway and spray-painted the top with diluted silk paint, shading from purple at the top to deep red at the bottom. Then I pained two wide vertical segments (the "twin towers") with small shapes in silver. Using a cork, I then stamp-printed with black paint. When that dried, I painted "X" shapes in three colors across the middle. The quilt was finished with hand embroidery and handmade fringe across the bottom.

Sandra Sider          


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