Ann Silberlicht

All We Could Do Was Watch

All photos © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

This quilt is a memorial to all the innocent lives lost on September 11 and to their surviving loved ones.

The quilt border of people from all over the world symbolizes the world watching the tragedy, as well as the multi-nationality of the murder victims.

The mesh overlays are in the shape of the Pentagon, representing the attack on our nation's capital, and in the shape of a keystone, which represents the crash in Pennsylvania.

The pattern in the batik fabric used in the lower portion of the towers reminded me of the debris that was left after the towers collapsed.

I remember how unbelievably blue and clear the sky was that day. At home in Maryland, I watched on TV as New York's sky turned black with smoke, yet still, when I looked outside, the skies were clear and beautiful. The black cityscape in the lower background of the quilt illustrates the darkness that fell over New York, but the lights glowing from each building symbolize the lives that continue within.

Ann Silberlicht          

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