Yoko Ueda

This quilt was made during the Mancuso Show Management Pacific International Quilt Festival in October, 2001, shortly after the September 11 tragedies. Yoko Ueda left the quilt with the Mancusos and asked that it be given to the City of New York. David and Peter Mancuso entrusted the quilt to September 11 Quilts and asked us to convey it to the Borough of Manhattan.

The quilt was exhibited at Location One in the "Manhattan 9/11: Tragedy, Leadership, Recovery" exhibition from September 11 through October 19, 2002. This exhibition was organized by the Manhattan Borough President and curated by Drunell Levinson. The quilt is now permanently located at the office of the Manhattan Borough President.

Love and Peace
A Tribute Quilt

All photos © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

September 11 gave us a huge shock, and Japanese quilters wanted to give our condolences to the people who fell victim. One hundred seventeen members each made 8" miniature quilts in one week.

We put the 6" ribbons on the corners of the quilts and connected it, so that it may be connected and the circle of peace may be extended.

We also want very much for you to participate in this circle.

Yoko Ueda and all my students

   It is not practical to attach a hanging sleeve to a quilt constructed in this manner. Zellerwood Originals of Cincinnati, Ohio, donated a DisplayAway hanger for permanent use with this quilt.

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