Mary Jane Wilkins

In Memory of Stacey Sennas McGowan

All photos © Drunell Levinson. All rights reserved.

Stacey was a student at Nyack High School. She was a swimmer and lacrosse player when we first met. Over the years we got to be friends. Not only Stacey, but her Mom and Dad and the two little girls, Ryan and Casey.

The design of the quilt is related to Stacey's home town, Nyack, NY, and to her family. Stacey played lacrosse at Nyack High School, where the school colors are red and black. The red and black plaid border and the star points around the poem are made of fabric from a uniform kilt worn by the girls' lacrosse team. The stars represent the "star in heaven" that Stacey's mother described in her poem remembering Stacey.

When Stacey smiled, those around her smiled with her. She will be remembered.

Mary Jane Wilkins          
The poem incorporated into the quilt reads:

Our hearts were broken on the eleventh of September,
A Tuesday at nine – an hour to remember.
A light was extinguished from all of our lives.
We'll miss our dear Stacey, but our faith survives.

With Tom, Ryan and Casey to love and to cherish,
There's part of you, Stacey, that never will perish.
Each night we'll look up, we'll see a bright star,
And know that you, Stacey, shine down from afar.

Our friends give us comfort from far and near,
With your love and support we can go on from here.
So thank you, and bless you, keep our family in prayer,
And remember the victims who are now in God's care.

Fran Sennas, mother of Stacey Sennas McGowan          

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